-added local multiplayer

-added multiplayer and single player options in the main menu
-added option to open EXP menu with just Q, E, numpad 7, or numpad 9
-added a waiting area before each boss to cool down and kill everything before the boss spawns
-fixed bullet delay glitch that would give you max bullet delay with two upgrades
-fixed player 2 not fully resetting when going to main menu and back
-players 1 and 2 now have individual upgrades
-players now have their own level points
-the wait before each boss is now activated by having both players touching it or on single-player just player one touching it
-lowered some spawn rates as some enemies spawned just too much
-fixed some under the hood bugs caused by new things in this update

-working on much later waves for future updates to come


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57 days ago


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